Liverpool and 4 Premier League teams are out of the Premier League Cup

Liverpool and 4 Premier League teams are out of the Premier League Cup

Attack a surprise in third-party League Cup parties held on Tuesday (19/09/2017) local time or Wednesday morning GMT.

The biggest surprise of Liverpool’s defeat of Leicester City at King Power Stadium. Two goals of the team beralanas The Foxes was created by Shinji Okazaki and Islam Slimani.

Remarkably, the victory was won by Leicester City with only 33 percent of the game.

Liverpool are not the only Premier League club, the first caste of the English League, who were knocked out in this round.

There is also Brighton and Hove Albion, Stoke City, Burnley and Huddersfield Town.

Here is the result of the English League Cup on Tuesday (19/09/2017) local time:

AFC Bournemouth 1-0 Brighton & Hove Albion (Joshua King 99 ‘)

Aston Villa 0-2 Middlesbrough (Patrick Bamford 58 ‘, 67′)

Brentford 1-3 Norwich City (Josh Clarke 90’- Mario Vrancic 10 ‘, 51’; Josh Murphy 68 ‘)

Hughes Disappointed with Mourinho’s Action

Hughes Disappointed with Mourinho’s Action

Stoke City coach, Mark Hughes, admitted feeling disappointed with the action of Manchester United coach, Jose Mourinho Agen Sbobet Terpercaya.

Hughes assessed the actions taken by Mourinho very unacceptable. That’s because Mou did not want to shake hands when after the game.

When starting the game, Hughes also stated Mourinho also refused to shake hands with him.

Hughes said, “I do not know what happened to Mourinho.”

“It’s only natural that the two coaches shake hands before the game starts.”

“While we did not shake hands at the start or end of the game.”

“Should coaches should have a sense of mutual respect and respect.”

“Of course I do not want to enlarge the issue. I want to forget about this. ”

“If Mourinho knows how to appreciate, then this certainly does not need to happen. So I do not want to extend this. ”

“And I have also considered this problem as unimportant.”

Hodgson Ready to Give the Best to the Palace

Hodgson Ready to Give the Best to the Palace

Crystal Palace’s brand-new manager, Roy Hodgson, declared himself ready to give his best to his new club, Crystal Palace.

Hodgson has now replaced Frank de Boer, who is considered a failure to bring changes for the London club.

Many have Hodgson’s hopes of replacing De Boer with ambition and helping Palace succeed.

Hodgson said “First I want to thank the fans who have entrusted me to handle Palac.e”

“I certainly have a goal to be coach of the Palace. I want to help Palace succeed. ”

“It is difficult to bring the English club to success, but I will try to give my best.”

Van der Sar: Sanchez Too Fast Join Spurs

Van der Sar: Sanchez Too Fast Join Spurs

Ajax Amsterdam boss, Edwin van der Sar, revealed that Davinson Sanchez should survive rather than become Tottenham Hotspur’s most expensive player.

The reason, although Ajax received 40 million euros for the player, Van der Sar insisted if the 21-year-old player should be able to continue to focus on continuing the melding of his career in Amsterdam.

Where, Sanchez now have to try extra hard to get time playing at Spurs, who has the best defense record in the Premier League last season thanks to the presence of Jan Vertonghen and Toby Alderweireld.

And it binds Van der Sar to speak out by claiming the player is too quick to go to Spurs.

“I think Sanchez, a year for him too fast, he should have stayed two or three years here,” he told local media.

“However, sometimes the existing financial strength of the bigger league is difficult, even for big clubs like Ajax, who come from smaller leagues to refuse transfers.”

Indonesia Vs Cambodia, Evan Dimas Warns Timnas

Indonesia Vs Cambodia, Evan Dimas Warns Timnas

U-22 national team midfielder Indonesia, Evan Dimas, asked for prayers and public support in order to win the last match of Group B SEA Games 2017 against Cambodia at Shah Alam Stadium on Thursday (24/08/2017).

“Yes pray is important from the people of Indonesia,” said Evan Dimas.
The game against Cambodia is a decisive game for the Garuda squad. Indonesia must win to reach the semifinal ticket.

Unlike Indonesia, Cambodia will play without burden. That’s because they have been eliminated with Timor Leste.

Evan saw that Cambodia has the potential to thwart Indonesia’s chances to qualify for the semifinals.

“In essence, we do not weaken them and hurry when competing tomorrow,” said Bhayangkara FC midfielder.

Currently, Indonesia stuck in third place Group B with eight points, two points behind Vietnam and Thailand. However, the last two countries will face each other in the final match.

If in Vietnam vs Thailand one team win, Hansamu cs enough win with any score against Cambodia who always lose from four previous games.

Another case if Vietnam vs Thailand play a draw. Because the first measured is productivity, Indonesia must win with a minimum score of difference of three goals to qualify for the semifinals.

Pogba: Saya Kembali ke MU Karena Sebuah Target

Pogba: Saya Kembali ke MU Karena Sebuah Target

Gelandang Manchester United, Paul Pogba, pak kembalinya ia ke klub tersebut mengalami ia memiliki target yang harus dicapai olehnya.

Sebelumnya ia menjadi bagian dari Juventus, kemudian ia memutuskan untuk hengkang setelah mendapatkan banyak pelajaran dari klub Italia itu, musim lalu, ia kembali ke Old Traffrod.

“Alasan saya kembali kesini karena saya punya target yang harus saya raih, trofi Liga Inggris menjadi target yang harus dimiliki oleh kami,” kata Pogba.

“Saya juga punya tantangan untuk pribadi saya sendiri, namun saya kembali memang sudah waktunya, saat saya berada di Turin, saya pun pernah berpikir untuk kembali ke rumah saya, klub saya impikan dari dulu.”

Goal Pluim Goal, Hamka Suggest Referees View Repeat

Goal Pluim Goal, Hamka Suggest Referees View Repeat

PSM Makassar captain Hamka Hamzah did not seem to be able to accept his side being held 2-2 by Persija Jakarta in the 20th week of League 1 2017 at Patriot Stadium, Bekasi, West Java on Tuesday (8/15/2017) Judi Online.

Hamka suggested that Iranian referee, Bonyadifard Mooud, review the reruns of some decisions.

One of the decisions that Hamka regretted was when goals from Willian Jan Pluim were disallowed by the referee.

The referee judged the ball first hand of Pluim before scoring against Andritany Ardhiyasa goal in the 82nd minute.

In fact, according to Hamka, the goal was legitimate because he saw the ball not exposed hands from Pluim. Pluim also got a yellow card after the goal was disallowed.

“We have to see the re-broadcast that the third goal of PSM fit me in front of Pluim was only a stomach, but the referee judging handsball and finally our goal disallowed,” said Hamka.

Not only that, Hamka also deeply regretted the penalty award given referee to Persija in the 62nd minute after one of the PSM players broke Reinaldo Elias da Costa.

According to the former FC Arema player, the offense that occurred to Reinado is outside the penalty box.

“The referee was also very good in the first half, but there were some decisions in the second half, one of which was a penalty for Persija,” Hamka said.

“We can see that re-broadcast even if violations, it’s outside the penalty box,” he said.

In that game, both teams drew 2-2 until the match was over.

Two PSM goals scored by Marc Klok and Pluim in the first half, while goals from Persija incised Reinaldo Elias da Costa and Bruno da Silva Lopes.

Robert Not Want a Pluim Goal Considered Luck

Robert Not Want a Pluim Goal Considered Luck

The only goal created by Willem Jan Pluim five minutes before the end of normal time to bring PSM Makassar managed to beat the host Persela Lamongan in Surajaya Stadium, Lamongan, Saturday (12/08/2017) night.

Problem results, PSM architect Robert Rene Alberts, denied if goals scored by the creator of the fruit of luck.

He considers all goals scored by his students fruit of strategy and practice routine dilakoni.

“Every goal the player scores is the fruit of the strategy I am instructing and the players have to do it, although they also have to improvise themselves on the pitch,” said Robert after the game.

“Today, I instruct the players to be more varied and able to maximize the chances of the dead balls and it works,” he said.

Goals scored by the PSM marquee player started from the opportunities gained from the dead ball situation.

Marc Klok successfully sent feedback mature to Pluim who easily tricked goalkeeper and defender Persela with a header.

Robert also does not agree if high postures owned Pluim considered to have a crucial role in the birth of these goals.

“I think not because the ball also came not too high, I myself prefer the team to win with a score of 1-0 than 3-2 although for the audience is not good because not many goals are created,” said the Dutch coach.

In addition, the key to success presented by Robert in winning the match against Persela is the calmness of his players in exploiting the situation, including not serve the determination of the game Laskar Joko Tingkir team in the first round.

“In the first half we did not really use the speed and movement of the ball, we played more comprehensively, I think the game was quite balanced, but in the second half, the last 20 minutes we had the ball more and we managed to use it, “Robert said.

Meanwhile, Reva Adi Utama is believed to go down as a left-back PSM in the match added, he was quite grateful Juku Eja team was able to go home with perfect points Raihan.

According to Reva, he and the PSM defender is not easy in anticipating the attackers Persela.

“When asked for difficulties, yes it must be difficult, but I was determined to work hard so that our goal is not conceded,” said Reva.

Got a Different Philosophy, Bayern Will Not Replace Neymar Transfer

Got a Different Philosophy, Bayern Will Not Replace Neymar Transfer

German giants FC Bayern Munich are unwilling to install a high-discharge clause to their players as happened to former Barcelona player Neymar Situs Poker.

As is known, Neymar has a clause of 222 million euros (about Rp 3.4 trillion) paid by Paris Saint-Germain (PSG).

CEO of Bayern Munich, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, said that his team had different methods.

“Bayern runs a different philosophy, we will not imitate Neymar’s transfer policy and we can not, for me Neymar’s price does not make sense,” Rummenigge said.

He also asked the clubs to be more rational about the nominal transfer.

“All parties in football, FIFA, UEFA, FIFPro should discuss this topic in order to find a rational rule for football, otherwise spectators and fans will lose touch with the club,” he said.

Propper Ready to Perform in the Premier League

Propper Ready to Perform in the Premier League

Brighton & Hove Albion new recruit, Davy Propper declared himself eager to play in the hard of the Premier League 2017-2018 which is the best competition in the world.

Chris Hughton’s strong desire to bring him from PSV Eindhoven this summer, because the player is very appropriate to help the midfield team is still considered not satisfactory appearance.

After signing a four-year contract with The Seagulls the 25-year-old player also revealed join Amex stadium thanks to feedback from Danny Holla who had previously grazed with the club just promoted.

“This is the biggest competition in the world, so this will be a big fight and I think I’m ready for it,” Davy Propper told the club’s official website.

“I know this club from Danny Holla, who played here a few years ago and he says a lot about the club. So it’s very helpful. “