New Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) player Dani Alves

New Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) player Dani Alves asked midfielder Marco Verratti to stay at Parc des Princes. Dani Alves hopes the Italian players ignore offers from other clubs, including Barcelona’s ‘seduction’.

Squawka, Thursday (14/7/2017) released, Alves revealed one of the factors moving to PSG is the figure of Marco Verratti. For Alves, Verratti has the capacity to be the key to PSG game next season.

Alves wants Verratti to stay at PSG in order to bring the club into Ligue 1 champions and other dreams, such as Champions League trophies. “I came here to play with Verratti, so if Verratti goes, what am I going to do here?” Alves said

Dani Alves came to PSG on a free transfer from Juventus. The decision of the former Barcelona defender is surprising, because many parties predict Alves will join Manchester City.

Alves hopes Verratti can be a differentiator, especially in terms of quantity of high quality players in PSG. “This is my message for Verrati, I hope he can help us achieve the dreams.The more great players we have, the more chance we can reach those targets,” said Dani Alves.