Januzaj: I’m Ready To Silence All Critics

Januzaj: I’m Ready To Silence All Critics

Real Sociedad Real Adnan Januzaj is determined to silence all criticism directed against him.

The Belgian is a dropout from Manchester United’s academy. When costumed The Red Devils, he was considered as the successor of Cristiano Ronaldo, but he failed to meet the expectations of the club, and more often lent to other clubs.

He is now playing for Real Sociedad, and he is determined to restore his reputation in the European football scene.

“They are all people who do not understand football,” the 22-year-old told reporters. “I do not care. I keep working hard. You can only walk in one direction, and that direction is to silence those people. ”

“Once you manage to do that, they’ll look silly, and it feels so wonderful. I will be very happy, because those people keep talking bad about me. ”

“If it happens, then I would be happier. It will give me more strength. ”

“It was a challenge for me. I do not care. They can say anything about me, and I know that’s not true. “

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