Wilkins: Chelsea Must Win the Streak to Slide City

Wilkins: Chelsea Must Win the Streak to Slide City

Chelsea soccer legend Ray Wilkins has stated that the team he once defended should be able to win 13 matches like last season if you want to displace the position of Manchester City at the top of the league.

After giving up 2-1 at the Crystal Palace meeting last weekend it makes the Blues failed to penetrate the big four and predicted the opportunity for the English Premier League this summer is very thin because in the match that at the same time The Citizens able to win 7-2 over Stoke City in Etihad stadium.

Even West London clubs mentioned besides will not be able to defend the title in the can season yesterday. Antonio Conte’s team also can not finish the competition in the top four. Given Watford is now in the architect Marco Silva continues to show good performance in the last eight games. The result after 2-1 Arsenal buried the position of The Hornets is ranked fourth.

Nevertheless, Wilkins, who was also an assistant coach at Stamford Bridge, called the only way to stick to Manchester Blue by winning 13 matches in a row like last season which left Eden Hazad Cs to win at the end of the season.

“They have to go quickly like after Arsenal defeated last season to get another chance,” Ray Wlkins told the media.

“Defeat of the Palace will certainly damage Antonio Conte.

“They are now nine points adrift of Manchester City after playing at Stamford Bridge, so now it is likely their title will disappear quickly, but I squeeze it because I do not like to see more defeat because I think he has done a good job.

“They do not decline in the fight and drop with a whimper. Because things like that can make Chelsea getting lost. They just have no energy and life and I’m disappointed. ”

While Conte accused the defeat of West London club at the Palace last weekend because many of the main pillars of injury and fitness decline after defending their respective countries in international matches.

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